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Author Madelyn Carol Dervos

Japanese silk bound 176-page edition with
21 graphic hand-painted illustrations

Do you long to be a better lover? To find fulfillment in love? Look no further than The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium. Based on that classic work of ancient Indian literature, this modernized version preserves the essence of Vatsyayana, the author and religious scholar, with clear language and vivid illustrations.
It explores Kama, the process of using the mind and soul in the enjoyment of the five senses. The main ingredient of Kama is the contact between the sense organ and its object. In Vatsyayana's day, love-making was a natural science to be studied diligently and how you got there was as important as your destination. The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium provides your continuing sensual education. Don't pass it up.
In 1883, Sir Richard Burton, a British linguist and explorer, brought the Kama Sutra to the western world. It was an astounding and immediate success. However, its Victorian language, labored descriptions and complicated sentences make it difficult for the modern reader to comprehend. It's a pity none of Burton's attractive animal magnetism penetrates his work. This edition is different.