This Japanese silk bound 176-page edition includes 21 graphic hand-painted illustrations of the original Kama Sutra love-making positions complete with step-by-step directions. With erotic names like Turning, Churning and Splitting the Bamboo each position, like all new skills, demands dedication, concentration, and practice to perfect. Some like “Suspended Congress” require that the woman have limber and acrobatic talent. The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium is designed to help you become the lover you long to be.

“All the places that can be kissed are also the places that can be bitten.” Each of the 34 chapters begins with a quote from Burton’s translation. These excerpts serve as a window on Vatsyayana who is still perceptive, innovative, and often humorous over 15 centuries later. Here you will learn how to build an environment made for love. He describes the ideal location for a home as well as room design, furniture arrangement and placement of books and trinkets to please a loved one–even the correct number of pillows to create an enticing bed! Ancient secrets are revealed for keeping your body desirable with lotions, perfumes and potions. And which foods and herbs, like red onions and fennel, will conquer a heart and sustain desire. In our modern age when crass pornography is commonplace, The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium reminds us that love-making is part hormonal rush, part longing, and part acquired skill—a skill you can easily learn.

Kama Sutra - The Ancient Art of Love Making for the New Millennium
Author - Madelyn Carol Dervos
Publisher - Attar Incorporated
Westlake Village, California
Those of use who are about to enjoy this great work of Indian literature should pause perhaps for a few moments and give silent thanks to the members of the Kama Shastra society of Banares of London. All two of them!
This work is not to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires. A person acquainted with the true principles of this science, who preserves his Dharma, his Artha and his Karma and who has regard to the customs of the people is sure to obtain the mastery over his senses.
When a woman feels her husband dislikes her, she might get back in his good graces using the following ways;
"...But pressing with the nails is not a usual thing except with those who are intensely passionate. It is employed, together with biting, by those to whom the practice is agreeable." Vatsyayana
"Man, the period of whose life is one hundred years, whould practice Dharma, Artha and Kama at different times and in such a manner that they may harmonize together." Vatsyayana

You also step inside the mind of a man and a woman to learn how to successfully navigate through the seeking, meeting, courting, seducing and marrying of a lover—even taking one outside of marriage. The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium offers practical advice on how to keep a wife or attract the right kind of man and which kind of people to avoid like the plague. This book offers you love fulfillment in a number of ways.

And it makes orgasm a course in itself. You’ll learn how to match body sizes for ultimate satisfaction and myriad methods for embracing, kissing, marking, scratching and biting. Or how to press a design called “a peacock’s foot” onto your lover’s skin with your fingernails. Vatsyayana believes this can even reconcile an angry lover. In Part Six, ancient courtesans, typically well-educated and successful women, step from the past to teach modern-day women how to use their perceptive powers, knowledge and subtlety to make themselves pleasing to a lover. They offer advice about taking an old lover back and provide over 40 ways to win a man’s favor. The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Making Love for the New Millennium is only a click away from making you a better lover. Start your sensual education today.

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